2017 IECEx World Symposium: A Capital Idea | September 27, 2017 | Washington, D.C.

Program at a glance

The U.S. National Committee for the IECEx has teamed up with International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) to offer Continuing Education Certificates (CEUs) to industry professionals attending the 2017 IECEx World Symposium.

Note: Industry professionals receiving CEU credits are to determine their acceptability within their state or organization.

IECEx World Symposium: A Capital Idea

September 27, 2017

ScheduleExpert Presenters
9:00–9:10Greeting / agenda overview
USNC/IECEx Chair, Mr. Evans Massey
9:10–9:50IECEx Overview
IECEx Chair, Dr. Thorsten Arnhold
10:00–10:20Manufacturer experience
GE Oil & Gas, Ms. Tonya Woods
10:20–10:40AM Break
10:40–11:00Certifier experience
UL LLC, Mr. Paul Kelly
11:10–1130User experience
DuPont Engineering Technology, Mr. Richard Holub
11:40–12:00Electrical inspector experience
IAEI, Mr. Joseph Wages
1:00–1:20On-shore regulator experience
OSHA, Mr. Kevin Robinson
1:30–1:50Mining regulator certifier experience
MSHA, Mr. Robert Holubeck
2:00–2:20Off-shore experience
Intertek Consulting, Mr. Mark Temple
2:20–2:40PM Break
2:40–4:50Panel Q&A
All expert presenters
USNC/IECEx Chair, Mr. Evans Massey

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